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Carl panzram carl panzram charles panzram was an american serial killer, rist. Imprisoned for most of his life from the age of twelve and brutally punished, panzram. Long a detailed memoir and selfanalysis by mass murderer carl panzram. All of panzram s victims were men of different ages, races, and professions, some of them just children. Panzram did just that, sparing no gruesome details of his murders. In 1996, the book formed the basis of a film of the same name, starring james woods as panzram and robert sean leonard as lesser. Described by others as a oneman crime wave and too evil to liveand by himself as the spirit of meanness personifiedserial killer carl panzram 18921930 stands alone not only for his. His biography was written by karl menninger as man against himself with the book using panzram s prison number 31614. On this installment, tom and jenny are finally getting around to discussing one of the worst american criminals of the early 20th century. Panzram was born in 1891 on a minnesota farm and died in 1930 on the gallows at the u. Carl panzram, a man of many names, and many victims. I heard about this book from the last podcast on the left episodes on carl panzram. A carl panzram movie was released in 2012 to show all the atrocities and criminal activities of panzram. Additionally, panzram s first documentary film was released in 2012, titled carl panzram.

Carl panzram biography facts, life of serial killer. I was happy to see there was a link to the book on the gr page for the book. A journal of murder by gaddis, thomas e, long, james o isbn. In graphic detail, panzram confessed to 21 murders and to having sodomized. Henry lesser spent four decades trying to look for a publisher who would print panzram. I could hang a dozen men while youre screwing around. Born to a middleclass family, panzram s first ever act of crime came in when he was barely 12 years of age. Carl panzram june 28, 1891 september 5, 1930 was an american serial killer, rapist, arsonist and burglar. Serial killer, carl panzram befriends henry lesser, a young jail guard at the washington dc jail in 1928. After hearing of panzram s torture, lesser sends panzram one dollar and convinces the killer to write his autobiography while secretly supplying him with pencil and paper. Carl panzram did some horrible things to a whole lot of people, so if youre easily upset, disturbed, or offended, just pass altogether. However, if youre a fan of true crime and have even a passing interest in penology, this book.

Lesser eventually published panzram s writings in panzram. Carl panzram was an american serial killer, rapist and burglar, who was the mastermind behind heinous crimes conducted during the early 1900s. Panzram was encouraged by a guard that he befriended in prison to write about his story. The killers graphic confession of his crimes was too gruesome for some. Panzram was a monster, he knew this very well himself. Panzram writes over 40, 000 words documenting his entire life of and incarceration, torture, rape, and murder. Carl panzram was born 28 june 1892 in east grand forks, minnesota. He is known for his confession to prison guard and only friend, henry lesser. When he was about eight years old his father abandoned the family, leaving panzram s mother to raise panzram and his six siblings alone. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The book was hailed as a great insight into the mind of a serial killer.

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