Lazytown season 1 episode 1 part 11

Robbie rotten is tired of sportacus always saving everyone. Robbie rottens newest scheme is a real fakeout hes disguised himself as sportacus. Robbie has challenged sportacus and the kids to the competition. This is the first episode stephanie is played by chloe lang replacing julianna rose mauriello. Stephanies diary is where she keeps all of her thoughts and fun stories about her friends in lazytown. Ziggy has always wanted a pet and after hearing the story of the lazytown trolls, the kids go on an adventure of discovery. Robbie challenges sportacus to a competition but cheats and sportacus is out of the race. But robbies biggest dream is to make lazy town lazy again, and to do that he needs to trap. Meanwhile, sportacus gets energetic as he introduces his exercise of the day. Part 1 stephanie and the other kids of lazytown give sportacus a day off as thanks for his good deeds. Ziggys uk adventures get off to a flying start when he joins his friends on the football field to learn about their favourite game.

Turner broadcasting system europe acquired lazytown entertainment in. Robbie rotten quickly formulates a scheme to blast sportacus out of a cannon, and out of lazytown. Lazytown has a new superhero and her name is sportastephanie. The first two seasons consisted of fiftytwo episodes from 2004 to 2007. Sportacus has even loaned his crystal for the opening night surprise. Lazytown is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for children, in a positive, entertaining and catchy way and is recognized worldwide through channels su.

Bessie busybody and mayor meanswell give a news report about the first marathon. In this special onehour episode, the kids decide that sportacus needs a vacation. But when the crystal goes missing, sportacus and the kids have to. In this special onehour episode, sportacus takes a vacation and leaves lazytown in the hands of his good friend stephanie. Lazytown tv show season 1 episodes list next episode. Stephanie and the kids decide to repay sportacus for all of his good deeds by giving him a vacation day. Stephanie, an 8yearold girl, arrives in lazytown to stay with her uncle for the summer. Sportacus super move of the day is running in place. Starting with this season, sportacus wears a wrist computer and a backpack that has a hang speedy glider.

Lazy town we are number one full episode robbies dream. May 11, 20 in the first part, its the grand opening of the new lazytown museum and the kids are excited to learn more about lazytowns history. The residents of lazytown take part in a treehousebuilding competition, but when it comes time to submit a photo of the treehouse built by all the kids, stingy tears the photo in half and claims to have built it by himself. Robbie pretends to be a famous rock and roll singer so he can convince the lazytown kids to be lazy, and demand that sportacus leave lazytown forever. In this episode, stephanie, an 8yearold girl arrives in lazytown for the summer, meeting the lazytown kids and the towns very own superhero.

Season 1 guide for lazytown tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Stephanie and ziggy go around lazytown asking everyone what their favorite lazytown song is while the music video of the song they name plays. When stephanie arrives in lazytown to stay with her uncle milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing videogames. Lazytown sports day is here with the amazing superrace, which involves running, biking, skating, and skateboarding around the town.

Stephanie and ziggy decide to open a dance school in lazytown. I dont own lazytown or any of the songs in the video. Rottenstein, robbie hopes to rob the lazytown kids of energy by stopping them from eating vegetables and fruits. Mayor meanswell and bessie busybody give us the latest headlines from lazytown news. Lazytown season 1 episode 5 sleepless in lazytown youtube.

List of lazytown episodes simple english wikipedia, the. Starting with this season, stephanie has a pink mask in her bag. There are two sportacus in lazytown but will a race determine who is the real one. Though it isnt high at all, ziggy is scared, but gains confidence whe. Lazytown season 1 episode 28 lazytowns greatest hits. So, her uncle enlists the help of sportacus, an athletic hero who. But when robbie rotten writes some nasty notes on pink paper for trixie and the others to find, stephanie is suddenly faced with a group of angry friends. But to everyones surprise, santa shows up emptyhanded. But when a baby troll follows the kids back to town, ziggy soon realizes that taking care of the troll is a bigger responsibility then he thought. Detailed episode analysis 1x01 welcome to lazytown.

To their surprise, a scoutmaster shows up who theyve ne. Lazy town i welcome to lazy town i season 1 full episode. The kids must face robbie rotten in a sports competition without the help of sportacus after the villain causes the athl. Meanwhile, robbie rotten attempts to put sportacus. When stephanie arrives in lazytown, to spend the summer with her uncle milford, she finds that she has trouble making friends because all the local kids spend all their time indoors playing video games. Sportacus loses his crystal and offers a reward of one free wish to whoever finds it and returns it. Ziggy tries be a hero just like sportacus but his antics start getting him in trouble when he messes up the construction. Bessies birthday cake turns up missing and robbie tricks everyone into believing that sportacus stole it.

In 1996, a stage adaptation of the book was shown in iceland. Lazytown season 1 episode 1 welcome to lazytown watch. The kitten has a propensity for climbing trees and often needs sportacus to rescue him. When robbie learns of this he disguises himself as the head of a famous dance school and invites stephanie to join him far, far, away. Turner broadcasting system europe acquired lazytown entertainment in 2011 and commissioned a third season consisting of episodes, which premiered on march 20 in the united kingdom on cartoonito. Lazytown season 2 episode 22 dancing dreams watch on kodi. The kids take part in a treehousebuilding competition and win.

Lazy town i welcome to lazy town i season 1 full episode duration. The cat is a small black and white kitten who appears three times in season 1. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using chromecast. Stephanie helps out by giving him a cookbook by his favorite chef, pablo fantastico. She meets the kids of lazy town and hears about their very own superhero, sportacus. The mayor explains how to pass the baton to stingy, and sportacus accepts a challenge from pixel to run. Lazytown season 1 episode 1 welcome to lazytown youtube. The accusations land sportacus in jail so the kids get together to prove that hes innocent. Mayor meanswell tries to cook a special dish for bessie busybody, but he just cant seem to get it right.

Watch lazytown episodes online season 1 2006 tv guide. Lazytown season 2 episode 11 the lazytown circus watch. When he finds a rule in the lazytown rule book that allows only one superhero in town, he hatches a plan to drive sportacus away by introducing a faster, stronger superhero robot. Rottenstein hd lazytown s01e11 hd lazy town full episode 11. But he gets into trouble and sportacus must return to save him before its too late. The program originally aired on nickelodeon and nick jr.

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